Murals for Private Homes

Murals open decorating horizons in private residences and change the whole dynamic of the room. I create murals on canvas or glass and ceramic tile mosaic murals. Preparation at my studio also minimizes the disruption to you in the mural creation process.

Murals for Public Places

I like to create big murals that change the face of public places. Whole new worlds can be created. Public art differs greatly from other kinds of art because of its inherent involvement with the community. It reflects the local environment, cultural values and artistic vitality of the community in which it is placed. With this in mind, I think that it is important to retain historical significance and value of the community; the essence of its history should be captured in the artistic tribute to this critical part of history.

Murals for Business

Murals make a dramatic and cost effective impact for businesses. Outdoor murals draw attention to business in a way that is cost effective and not overly commercial. A quality mural will be embraced by the public, and can give a building landmark status that reflects the business in a favorable light. Indoors or outdoors, murals rapidly improve the atmosphere and also compensate for architectural flaws and any other awkward physical situations.

Concept of mural

I believe that site-specific art plays a significant role in enriching human experiences because it makes meaningful connections to context and use. Public and community art is made more meaningful by following art-making processes that include the sharing of ideas and knowledge. This aesthetic value system is the foundation for my work as a commissioned artist and as an educator. My goal is to create and visually express ideas and concepts that go beyond the boundaries of sharing the grace of the site.

This allows us to realize our creative connection to the site. For me, this connection is the most powerful movement.

Durability of the product is very important for me and all materials I will be using will be all weather proof and water proof. The mural will be prepared in units depending on the site, so in the future it can be removed and installed at any site you wish within site. All my Murals are prepared with materials that provide greater protection and no maintenance.

I will be preparing my mural at my studio. After it is finished, the finished murals will be installed at the site.

A price quotation

Pricing includes:

  • Sketch Fee
  • Rental equipment
  • Helpers fees
  • Basic all art materials:
    • Primer
    • Marine plywood or other surface material
    • Paint
    • Paint supplies
    • Basic supplies
  • Hours for art work to be completed

The mural can be installed with help of professional people. The mural can be hung or can be screwed and installed directly in to the wall.